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Wren Records Ireland Limited has been established with a mission to bring Irish music to public domain through recording production promotion and distribution on a global basis via the web.

Our primary focus is on Traditional Irish Music and the encouragement of new artists in this genre where a large pool of talent exists in Ireland. The approach by Wren Records is to invest in appropriate new Irish Music that has strong links to the classical traditional Irish music influence.

Working with artists on a fair and equitable basis allows us to share jointly in the success of cd sales with both the artist and the label being happy with the results. Certainly a new way for the Irish Music Business to cooperate and encourage new creative material in Irish Traditional and Irish Folk Music.

Working with the artists we are able to support their initial product delivery and make available their products on a global platform. Access to the best recording and production facilities allow a high quality product to be delivered and this is seen in the reviews of each Wren release.

A secondary focus is on the Irish Folk Music that thrives in the local pubs and hotels yet for so long missed the global platform for distribution. By careful selection we are working with bands to develop middle of the road Irish Folk and Irish Pub Songs that will appeal across a wide audience.

An additional area of interest is the fusion of Irish Music and Irish Tourism where high quality wide screen digital video on DVD combined with music and song from Ireland can deliver a quality marketing product for Irish Tourism. The first such product received the endorsement of the Irish tourist board “Tourism Ireland”. “Memories of Ireland”. The success of that product encouraged Leitrim Tourism to request the supply of a dedicated DVD “Leitrim A Closer Look” the first county marketing DVD of its type in Ireland.

West Ocean String Quartet introduce a mix of Classical style and Irish Traditional Music through compositions that reflect the structured classical structure and the flowing traditional interludes. A true reflection of the depth of musical experience within the quartet. A hint of Celtic Music that lifts the classical instrumentation to a new level of entertainment. Playing Viola Violin Cello and Fiddle with an occasional Uilleann Pipe session the mix in classical and traditional music is complete.

Luke Daniels has recently completed a composition that reflects the Baroche meets Bothy merger in musical influence that could have developed in Europe centuries ago. The mix is again structured but fast flowing and the mix of a traditional Music quartet and an orchestra leaves you breathless. This will surely open the World Music domain to even more Celtic Music as we continue to study the cross over possibilities. The album is now available and is called "Lost Music of the Gaels"

Arcanadh have been very successful on the Irish Music Festival or Fleadh circuit in Ireland and in France with awards for their singing and playing. Irish Music Festivals are an important element in the Irish Tourism calendar and like most World Music or Celtic Music Festivals they attract the best of musical talent from across the continents in competition. Having won first prize in L’Aurient Music Festival in France they have demonstrated their mix of music and voice to be Celtic and Sean Nos to the extreme. Playing Guitar,Piano,Mandolin,Fiddle,Harp,Tin Whistle, Flute and Bodhran they can fill a Fleadh anywhere.

In local Irish Folk circles Brier are a household name and their constant gigging list reflects their popularity across the country. Irish Folk Music is alive and strong with tourism and music festivals reflecting the success. The Bodhran, Flute Tin Whistle and Banjo will always keep the party going.

Jason ORourke on Concertina and Ruadhrai O Kane on Fiddle make a fast and furious Irish Music Traditional Session sound like an everyday occurrence. From Polka to Reel they introduce the Breton Music and mix in full Celtic Music session to the delight of many tourist and local alike.

Nodlaig Brolly brings a mix of Gaelic singing accompanied by her champion harp and flute in songs already famous and new to her collection. The singer songwriter with a beautiful voice and excellent musicianship has played with the San Diego Philharmonic Orchestra as a special guest.

Irish Music either as Tradional Irish Music in its classical music form of string quartet or as a Folk Music mix will always be a part of the reason for Tourism Ireland as it has such a Celtic Music and World Music appeal that stretches far beyond the shores of Ireland.

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