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A great win by Ireland at the week helped in no small measure by David Trimble etcetcetecet

Wren Records Ireland Press Release (15/08/2005)

“Arcanadh” win the Irish Music Magazine award for best Newcomer 2005.

Arcanadh a six piece Irish traditional based group with a wide selection of instruments and harmonies available. Their unique mix of significant vocal strength and flexibility is matched well with their ability on Harp.Fiddle,Mandolin,Flute,Piano,Guitar,Whistle and Banjo, to provide an exciting and entertaining song list. Available on “Soundings” WRCD401 from Wren Records in most good music outlets and online via www.wren.ie

You can see Arcanadh live in Belfast on September 9th and 10th at the Lyric Theatre. Read more »

Front page CDBABY USA

As Michael O'Suillebhain stated in his review of the CD, Lost Music Of The Gaels, one can imagine the legend and godfather of the harp, Turlough O’Carolan, raising a glass to these contemporary and visionary arrangements of his music. Read more »

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