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As Michael O'Suillebhain stated in his review of the CD, Lost Music Of The Gaels, one can imagine the legend and godfather of the harp, Turlough O’Carolan, raising a glass to these contemporary and visionary arrangements of his music. It certainly took a man of great musical vision to originally dream up and compose works like these, as O’Carolan did in the 17th and 18th centuries, but one could venture to say that it takes an equal visionary to listen deeply enough and hear the whispers between the notes of true inspiration in order to breathe new life into the music and transform it into modern incarnations for the diverse times we live in. He has not only taken the music down new emotional paths but he has allowed it to encompass more musical worlds than a strictly traditional folk one, without losing its spirit. Luke Daniels, musician and arranger, has done this with his broad and charming adaptations of these pieces featuring string quartet, piano and, of course, uilleann pipes. It’s always a delight to see (and hear) artists reaching down into the heart of their hearts, the music of their marrow and pulling up from there a musical conviction that pushes the boundaries of traditions, all the while doing it for the sake of the music, never for the sake of solely being different or “original.” Lost Music Of The Gaels exudes a real connection to hundreds of years of traditional Irish music while bravely and beautifully reaching out with God-given imagination.

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