Roguery Road

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Jason O'Rourke

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Reels The Nay On The Shores

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Hornpipes The Queen Of The West

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Slip Jigs The Night Larry Was Stretched

If you are wanting something out of the top drawer, the final track,
a pair of reels, would be my suggestion, the lads are in top gear and top
form and if you can't smile when this is playing you are probably eating
lemons. Another welcome (to me anyway) feature of this album is the warts
and all live sound, you can hear the concertina buttons being pressed on the hornpipe, 'the Queen of the West'. The kind of barefaced honesty is a
refreshing departure from many of the hygienically scrubbed albums we get to listen to.

By Sean Laffey

Track List

1 Jigs: The Lisheen / The Coach Road to Sligo
2 Reels: The Navy on The Shore / Midsummer's Night
3 Mazurkas: Bernard's / Chez jean Luc
4 Reels: J.F. Dickie's / The Ash Plant / McAuley's
5 jigs: The Cuil Aodha / The Lark in the Morning / Derrane's
6 Reels: The Scent of the Bog / Gan Ainm / Merry Sisters
7 Slow Air: Suo'r Gan
8 Hornpipes: The Queen of the West / Mulqueeney's
9 Slip Jigs: The Night Larry was Stretched / James Byrne's
10 Reels: Ormonde Waters' / Her Long Dark Hair
11 Gavottes: Les Filles du Kreiz Breizh / Lan Vel ar Sonneur / Le Professeur Bourre
12 Highlands: Green Grow teh Rushes / Francie Mooney's
13 Guitar Solo: The Herpin Cross
14 Reels: John Dogherty's / Relihan's
15 Jigs: The Pullet / Paul O'Shaughnessy's / The Pipe on the Hob
16 Reels: The House of Hamill / The Ceiller / The Boy on the Hilltop

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