Secret Sessions

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Luke Daniels

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Homours Of The Ballyloughlin

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The Sailor In The Rock

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Kitty O'Shea

A high-octane kick-off featuring fiddler Cathal Hayden and guitarist Arty Glynn contrasts intriguingly with an identical instrumental grouping ( this time with fiddler Teresa Connolly and guitarist Ian Carr) but a far more restrained approach; after that, we get a trio of polished, intricately arranged tracks from a full jazz band complete with clarinet, guitar, piano, double bass and drums. But for sheer listening pleasure it's hard to beat the final three numbers, on which Daniels duets with guitarist Dean Magraw- notably on Magraw's original 'Raven'.

8.5 out of 10 By Sarah McQuaid

Track List

1 The Maids of Mount Sisco
2 Humours of Ballyloughlin
3 The Sailor on the Rock
4 Johnny Watt Henry's
5 Kitty o'Shea
6 The King of Prussia
7 Lumps O' Puddin
8 Beatrice Fortuna
9 Afarinesh
10 Raven
11 Musette for Teresa
12 Reel Beatrice

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