Under A Pale Moon

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Will You Go Lassie Go

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Mo Ghile Mear

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Let Me Be

Here is voice that must be heard to be believed. On a mixture of classical traditional songs and new titles Nollaig showcases her top class talent. The backing is gentle and enticing, but the voice is the clincher. It is sweet velvet. This is the ideal sound to fall into a cold dark Irish night with a roaring fire and a glass of something.

Opening with ‘Will You Go Lassie Go’ (which is usually reserved as an encore piece in most live performances) this lady will have you entranced. She then proceeds to weave her lyrical web with the enchanting ‘Mna na hEireann’ performed to perfection. You do not need to understand the Gaelige to enjoy this track.

‘O’Carolans Trance’ is a new title to me and the instrumental piece fits snugly into the collection. One of my favourite tracks is ‘Rare and Pure’. The combination of lyrics and backing is beyond fault. We are all familiar with Mary Black and The Chieftans performances of ‘Mo Ghile Mear’. Now we have yet anither interpretation from Nollaig. The combination of her vocal style with a spare accompaniment is excellent.

Another beautiful track is ‘Let Me Be’. Again it is the simplicity of production that works its magic. This album has only ten tracks but even with a hundred it would leave you wanting more. I usually listen to an album without reading any of the information on inserts or press releases before I start to review. If a set of songs and the performance of the singer and musicians can transport you without knowing any background I term it a jewel. Under a Pale Moon passed that test. It does not matter about origins, backgrounds and new releases. A CD is for listening pleasure and this is pure pleasure.

By Nicky Rossiter

Track Listing

1 Will You Go Lassie Go
2 Mna na hEireann
3 O'Carolan's Trance
4 Rare and Pure
5 The Benedy Set
6 The Maid of Culmore
7 Mo Ghile Mear
8 Se Fath Mo Bhuartha
9 Let Me Be
10 Sliabh Gallion Braes

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